Nicky Clarke is available for Sports Massage in the Rider Treatment Room at the Equine Rebalance Centre.

Nicky is an experienced Sports Massage Therapist as well as a Pilates Teacher and  Biomechanics Coach

who has been working exclusively with Equestrians for the last four years.

Sports Massage has many positive benefits for your body by generally helping maintain it in better condition:

  • It boosts your circulation helping to remove waste products and toxins.
  • It helps to restore mobility and flexibility
  • It can be adapted to stimulate or relax depending on the individual need
  • It’s not just for sports people and competitors, everyone can benefit; whether you are
  • riding, teaching, working on a yard, driving or spending many hours working at a desk.

Sports Massage is an essential maintenance for our busy lives, to ease general aches and

soreness to prevent them from developing into something more serious. If you are

experiencing pain you need to consult a Doctor or Physiotherapist for assessment.

Pricing – Sports Massage

  • 55 minute session £40 55 min session (Required for first treatment) £ 40
  • 30 min session £25