Physiotherapy and manual therapy at the Equine Rebalance Therapy Centre will be undertaken by The Balanced Rider. We are a company specialising in physiotherapy and biomechanics just for horse riders. Our clinic is based right in the heart of the rehab yard at Wellington Riding.
We offer a combination of physiotherapy for aches and pains, and biomechanics to improve your riding. We treat all levels and abilities from new learners, to happy-hackers, amateurs and professionals, to Olympic riders. In all disciplines: dressage, eventing, showjumping, side-saddle, horseball, racing, driving, Western and many more
We use a combination of hands on treatment, acupuncture, cupping, exercise therapy, the Flexchair, the Mobiliser bed and ridden assessments – you can read more about these in the drop down menu. This is all based on a thorough understanding of anatomy and biomechanics especially relevant for horse riders.
To book an appointment or for further information please contact us onĀ